Monday – Thursday
12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – 22:00
(cold cuts & appetizers and cheese board during the day)

Friday – Saturday
12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – 23:00

12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – 21:00


Our dégustation menu created by our chef and team, is not just a set of highlights from our standard menu but a self-contained, coherent, carefully dovetailed arc of dishes where flavours, fragrance, texture and colours all havetheir important parts to play. It is a process where the stages between beginning and end all represent different worlds however they all align to make for a great journey.
The wines chosen to accompany this dégustation function as the point of departure and arrival, making the experience whole and intense.

NB A culinary journey like this takes a long time, in our case approximately 3 hours.


Sturgeon, potatoes, onions
A.Gere Fehér Frici 2023

Goose liver swabian jelly, cauliflower, mustard seeds
Gere & Schubert Chardonnay 2023

Parsley cream soup, saddle of hare, turbot
A.Gere Olaszrizling 2023

Rooster, smoked beef tongue, celery, noodles with dill, truffles
A.Gere Merlot 2019 / Gere Solus 2013*

Lamb from Peterd, spring potato gratin with sausages, quail eggs
A.Gere Syrah 2021 / Gere Syrah 2015*

Apple pie, carrot, orange

Baumkuchen – „Mandula” Tree cake, blueberry, coffee
A.Gere Kopar 2020 / Gere Kopar 2012*


HUF 26.500 per person
With wines: HUF 34.500 per person
With vintage wines: HUF 51.200 per person

Please note that a 12 percent service charge is added to the prices of dishes and drinks ordered.


Regrettably the courses on the tasting menu cannot be changed or modified as we couldn’t reach the high quality standards set for ourselves. To meet the demands of guests with special needs (vegetarians, food allergies etc.) we are happy to replace the tasting menu with a three course special menu depending on prior consultation. The tasting menu is available only upon booking but please note that we cannot accept dégustation booking requests after 4pm of the relevant day.

All restaurant bookings are confirmed within 24 hours. Bookings are valid upon receipt of the restaurant’s written confirmation. Please, inform us if you have food allergy or other special needs when making your booking.

The menu is subject to change.