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18:00 – 22:00
(cold cuts & appetizers and cheese board during the day)

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Gere Attila’s

Our family has been crafting wines for 7 generations. Attila Gere has been tasting and creating wines for more than 40 years and counting. Today there is a new generation assisting him, and this is how the three product lines of the winery came into existence, in our view expressing the best of what Villány’s vineyards and its terroir has to offer. The first line consists of lighter, fruit driven wines. Many people get their first taste of the winery through our rosé or Portugieser with the latter also being one of the cornerstones of Villány winemaking for centuries. The next level is represented by the more serious estate wines which are introducing the Villány terroir, this line includes wines like Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique, Syrah or the rare Fekete Járdovány. Our top of the range wines are all unique characters: Villány Franc, Kopar, Solus and Attila. They interpret principles, philosophy, sunshine, substance and the best vineyards of the wine region.


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